Custom QuickBase

Customize your pump base by modifying most of the features of our standard product offering or submit your custom hole pattern to be provided on any of our existing baseplate footprints.

  • Include only the standard features you need

  • Select custom insert materials
  • Locate inserts in your specified custom locations
  • Modify the height of the base
  • Maintains the surface flatness of 0.002/ft.
  • Choose our Novolac material option
  • Modify the length of the base
  • img
  • Custom QuickBase with ISO pump and IEC motor on non-metallic pumpbase

Custom QuickBase Features

Typical Applications


  • Positive Displacement

  • API

  • ISO Pumps

  • Paper Stock Pumps

  • Gear/Lobe/Screw Pumps

  • Vacuum Pumps


PoxyRepair White




Insert Kits

Insert Kits

BiD Adjuster for precision motor alignment

BiD Adjusters

Zanite Chart

Benefits of Zanite Plus

Zanite® Plus replaces traditional materials such as iron, aluminum, and steel used in the manufacture of machine bases. Castings are manufactured to finish tolerances, and the resulting base out-performs alternative material in many areas.