Custom QuickBase

Modify most of the features of our standard product offering or submit your custom hole pattern to be provided on any of our existing baseplate footprints.

  • Include only the standard features you need
  • Select custom insert materials
  • Locate inserts in your specified custom locations
  • Modify the height of the base
  • Maintains the surface flatness of 0.002/ft.
  • Choose our Novolac material option
  • Modify the length of the base
  • img
  • Custom QuickBase with ISO pump and IEC motor on non-metallic pumpbase

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Custom QuickBase Features

Typical Applications

  • Positive Displacement
  • API
  • ISO Pumps
  • Paper Stock Pumps
  • Gear/Lobe/Screw Pumps
  • Vacuum Pumps


PoxyRepair White




Insert Kits

Insert Kits

BiD Adjuster for precision motor alignment

BiD Adjusters

Zanite Chart

Benefits of Zanite Plus

Zanite® Plus replaces traditional materials such as iron, aluminum, and steel used in the manufacture of machine bases. Castings are manufactured to finish tolerances, and the resulting base out-performs alternative material in many areas.