Machine Bases

Custom precision castings designed for the Machine Industry provide a solid foundation offering exacting surface tolerances, significant vibration damping, great thermal stability, and superior corrosion resistance. Machine bases cast in our Zanite Plus polymer concrete offer quieter operation and no deterioration from common fluids.

Typical applications include high speed machining cells, turning centers, CNC knee mills, milling machines, waterjet cutting machines, laser cutting machines and grinders, screen printing machines, wafer profilers, x-ray and MRI machines.

Machine Base Features

Typical Industry Use

Typical applications include: frame supports for MRI machines, X-ray equipment, CAT-Scanners, and blood testing & analysis machines. MRI scanners contain powerful magnets and their supporting structure must be non-magnetic. Traditional scanner structures are stainless steel, but Zanite castings, also non-magnetic, offer a more cost-effective solution. Further, performance is enhanced because of the superior vibration damping of Zanite®.

Typical applications include: laser scanner beds, internal drums and external drums for imagesetters and CTP platesetters and other imaging devices used in graphic arts. The prepress industry benefits from the high tolerances to which Zanite can be cast. Precision drums are cast to 0.001″ in true cylindrical form. Zanite® ensures a high degree of vibration isolation, rigidity and long term dimensional stability unmatched by metal drums, internal or external. Imaging devices with Zanite® drums require no special climate control.

Typical applications include: bridge CMMs, horizontal-arm CMMs, surface, form, roundness and contour testing instruments. Metrology equipment has to constantly check critical dimensions and test for roundness, concentricity, flatness, eccentricity and squareness to extremely high accuracies. Zanite machines are able to withstand harsh production environments and give instant, accurate results. Zanite’s thermal stability, design flexibility, and virtually zero moisture absorption rate help metrology equipment manufacturers achieve their goals.

Typical applications include: screen printing machines, wire and die bonding, wafer inspection and testing, lithography, laser PCB drilling machines, pick and place machines, surface profilers, wafer handling and storage, dicing machines, flip-chip, and dispensing equipment.

Typical applications include custom dimensioned housekeeping pads to raise utility or telecommunication cabinets and enclosures off the floor or ground to protect them from moisture and allow for easy access. Stainless steel threaded holes can be cast to location providing a noncorrosive, nonconductive, mounting pad for equipment. Custom housekeeping pads can be cast to for any specific application and reduce onsite preparation and installation costs. Internal reinforcement can be added for seismic pad applications. Zanite polymer composite pads are built to last and will outperform conventional concrete pads in every way.

Typical applications include ultra-precision machining, diamond turning, precision grinding machines. The nanotechnology is used to produce optical lenses, mirrors, and other mechanical components with sub-micron and nanometer surface finishes. Zanite polymer composite offers a precise and stable platform that offers vibration damping from both internal and external sources.

BaseTek Brochure

BaseTek General Brochure

Molds and Tooling

Machine Base molds can be made from wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, or any combination depending on the application & design.

Steel production tooling for polymer mineral castings
Mineral casting tooling with enhanced anchoring and pvc and abs pipe attached
Steel tooling for a Precision polymer casting