Frequently Asked Questions

BaseTek has currently pre-engineered 9 different baseplate sizes to accommodate various ANSI/ASME B73.1M pump sizes and NEMA frame motor sizes. The ANSI/ASME B73.1M standard was established so that various manufacturers could abide by an industry standard so as to have common dimensional standards and interchangeability of various size pumps within a given envelope. The ANSIASME B73.1M specification has a dimensional designation of AA to A120 that covers 19 various size pumps. These dimensional standards cover not only the pump itself, but also covers the spaced dimensions of the pump feet, respectively.

View ANSI/ASME Sizing Reference Chart.

Have you found your pump from the sizing chart? If so, you can see the dimensions required by the pump’s footprint and match it with one of our drawings listed (Drawings can be viewed and printed in under the “Documents” section of this site). Drawings BT127, BT139, BT148 and BT153 accommodate ANSIASME pump dimensions AA and AB with various NEMA frame motors (ranging from NEMA 143T to NEMA 326T frames) as listed in the bottom right hand corner of the respective BaseTek drawings. Drawings BT245, BT252, BT258, BT264 and BT268 accommodate ANSI pump dimensions A10, A50, A60, A70, A05, A80, A20, A30 and A40 with various NEMA frame motors (ranging from NEMA 143T to NEMA 405T frames) as listed in the bottom right hand corner of the respective BaseTek drawings.

Please note that some pump manufacturers take the liberty of providing larger nominal impeller sizes (i.e. 3×2-11) yet still comply with a given ANSI designation. Again, the key is to confirm the ANSI designation with the manufacturer or by reviewing a drawing or taking an actual measure of the feet themselves.

Still unable to locate your pump dimension or motor frame? Then you have a NON-ANSI pump or NON-NEMA frame motor. This tells you that you have a candidate for BaseTek’s exclusive QuickBase™ offering and should proceed to that section of this website or call us to assist you in selecting the appropriate baseplate for your given pump and motor. We are always glad to help guide you for proper baseplate selection.

All of our baseplates except for the #127 conform to ANSI/ASME standards for long-coupled pumps. There are no standards for close-coupled pumps, so users are free to create an effective solution that allow for proper support of a given pump and motor.

If you have an ANSI/ASME pump simply select a “Close Coupled” baseplate that already has the existing pump mounting that you need (ANSI Group/#1 or Group #2). Note the dimensions of the baseplate and be sure you select a baseplate that is long enough to support the pump and motor – also verify width needed to support all required feet. Note that the second two numbers in the base size represent the length of the base in inches (all base drawings are located in under the “Documentation” section).

To mount the motor feet, (Note: in most cases there is no need to mount the motor feet on frame sizes 213TC or less (please verify and follow pump manufacturers recommendations)) simply purchase an insert kit and add the needed holes to the base in your shop – see instructions on how to add in our “Documentation” section. This is very easy to do. BaseTek can locate holes for your custom needs with the Custom QuickBase program. Most users find this economical only if several of the same exact configuration are needed.

We can also supply any base less the standard pre-engineered inserts (blank) if requested in the comments section of the base selection. There is no price adder or deduct to omit pre-engineered holes, however, our standard delivery times may increase.

Please be sure to check drawings for hole obstructions prior to ordering a pre-engineered base that comes with standard holes.

Non-ANSI/ASME pump footprints can be accommodated by specifying a blank baseplate without any holes and then add the required holes in field or shop environment.

As mentioned in the above section (How do I know what size base I need?), the BaseTek pre-engineered baseplates have been designed to accommodate standard ANSI pumps and NEMA frame motors.   Just as many pump manufacturers comply with the ANSI B73.1M standard, so do various motor manufacturers comply with certain dimensional criteria know as NEMA standards.   By checking the nameplate of your motor, if your motor is a NEMA motor, you will find a designated NEMA frame listing (for example, 143T, 145T, and so on up to a 405T frame for our pre-engineered baseplates.  These NEMA frame dimensions apply to all TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) and Open Drip Proof motors and designated by the “T” following the respective number.

Please note that if your motor is a C-Flange style motor then there is no need to concern yourself with motor mounting holes on smaller motors that are typically 213TC or less (please verify and follow pump manufacturers recommendations).   The motor will be supported by the pump flange and suspend freely off the back end of the pump.   For C-Flange motors that require foot mounting, we can provide a custom base drilling pattern in our Custom QuickBase™.  We also offer insert kits which allow for shop or field installation of mounting inserts (please see our accessory page).  Mounting blocks are also available.  For assistance in determining the necessary motor blocks, please proceed to our PoxyBlock™ section in this web site or consult with BaseTek for guidance.

We strongly recommend against the use of threaded studs for mounting the feet of C-Flange motors as to facilitate proper back-pullout.

Be careful – most major motor manufacturers violate the NEMA dimension of a motor when they convert a standard “T” frame motor to a “C” frame.

Still haven’t found a NEMA frame size?   Then you may have a special motor that needs to be customized to our family of baseplates.  NO PROBLEM!  Please proceed to our custom QuickBase™ section.

As mentioned previously, the pre-engineered BaseTek baseplates have been designed to accommodate ANSI dimensional pumps and NEMA “T” frame motors. For the identified pumps and motors that our pre-engineered baseplates have been designed for, the industry standard is to account for a spacer coupling width of 3.5”. The 3.5” allows the end user adequate space to properly assemble and disassemble the spacer coupling should the need arise to perform maintenance on either the pump or motor.

Quite often the motor shaft will have a different centerline height as compared to the pump shaft that it is intended to be coupled to.    BaseTek can meet this need easily by offering one of our pre-engineered PoxyBlocks™ packages to accommodate the various pump and motor combinations.   Please proceed to our Accessory section for options.   Please note that our PoxyBlocks™ can be utilized on any other baseplate as well!   We trust you will find the PoxyBlocks™ to serve as a far more economical and reliable alternative to traditional  fabricated steel motor mounting blocks.

BaseTek offers a full array of baseplate accessories to compliment your baseplate needs.  Please proceed to our Accessory Section to see the latest in Bi-Directional Motor Adjusters, Stilt Mounting Kits, Insert Repair Kits and ITW Grouting Packages.

Typically, an OSHA standard that pump manufacturers and end users alike abide by is to install some type of Coupling Guard over the exposed rotating section of the pump and motor shafts and spacer coupling. The obvious purpose is to protect plant personnel from inadvertently coming in contact with the rotating elements causing potential harm. Many pump manufacturers do not bolt down the coupling guards to the baseplate as they support the guard off the pump itself. One pump manufacturer in particular (Flowserve – Durco pumps) does, in fact, bolt their guards down on the baseplate. BaseTek has installed inserts to accommodate bolting down these coupling guards for their Group 1 and Group 2 pump sizes. Please check the pre-engineered drawings to assure that your respective guard can be properly located. Please consult with BaseTek should you have a need for a customized location.

BaseTek has standardized on providing our baseplates with a grout hole that is located in between the pump and motor. This is to aid in the anticipated grouting process. Should your desire for the baseplate to be “free standing”, or non-grouted, then please specify that you do not need the grout hole.

BaseTek has standardized on including a “cast in” drip pan located underneath the pump to promote proper drainage of a potential leaking condition. The drip pan slants towards the end of the baseplate and is funneled out the ¾” NPT drainage port where the end user can install the appropriate drainage pipe. The drip pan allows accommodation for “good housekeeping” practices. The drip pan is optional and can be omitted upon request.

BaseTek offers mounting blocks in two footprints, each with numerous heights. Our 2.75″ square blocks accommodate NEMA motor frames from 14x to 28x. The larger 4.00″ square blocks are designed for NEMA motor frames from 32x thru 44x. Our NEMA motor kits include all required hardware. We also offer blocks designed to be used under the pump in both footprints. These kits do not come with mounting hardware.

BaseTek can provide the PoxyBlock™ Kits to accommodate your motor riser needs for common steel baseplates. Because of our design, you will find our PoxyBlocks™ to be superior over common fabricated steel motor blocks. The PoxyBlocks™ maintain a .005″ flatness, are extremely rigid to dampen vibration and withstand corrosion that steel blocks simply cannot achieve.

To try and simplify the various motor frame designations, we have intentionally left out any reference to a certain type of motor (i.e. “T” or “C” frame) as all NEMA motors within a certain number have the same center line height.  (Hint – one can quickly determine the center line height of a motor by taking the first two numbers in the given frame size and dividing that number by four – i.e. a 215T/C frame motor – 21/4 = 5.25”).  

Still haven’t found your motor frame size?  Then go to Box B in the following section #3 to specify your motor height.  Be sure and specify in the comment field if you want a 2.75” or 4.00” in width block dimension.

As discussed in the section on “How to determine what size base you need”, you can find the centerline heights of all the ANSI pump sizes in the provided chart.

View ANSI/ASME Sizing Reference Chart

Check the pre-engineered block height options in Box B and see if your required block height is available. If your height is not listed, please proceed to our Custom Product sections to design a set of PoxyBlocks™ specific for your needs.

Please recognize the fact that BaseTek has intentionally sized our PoxyBlocks™ with a tolerance of an 1/8” LESS then the sizes shown in the chart.   This is to allow the end user to use up to an 1/8” worth of shims for alignment purposes.

(i.e. a design height of 2.00” will actually be manufactured to an actual height of 1.875”).  If your height is not listed, please proceed to our Custom Product sections to design a set of PoxyBlocks™ specific for your needs.

Please call BaseTek should you have any remaining questions.

Please refer to the Insert Kit Installation Guide located in the Documentation section of this website.

Please refer to the Product Reference Guide (Installation Manual) located in the Documentation section of this website.

BaseTek’s optional Bi-Directional Adjusters allow for precise motor adjustment when critical tolerances between pump and motor shafts are trying to be achieved. Our BiD Adjusters allow for both axial and transverse motor adjustment. The BiD Adjusters are bolted down on top of the motor feet and the provided hex head bolts allow for precise adjustment with minimal disturbance of indicator equipment. Please refer to the Product Reference Guide (Installation Manual) located in the Documentation section of this website.